See You (and See Me) at AWP

I have loved and gleaned so much from this conference for the past few years. This year, with The Marriage Act forthcoming and a lot to think about re. what’s next, the changing publishing industry, etc, I’m excited to be a part of the conversation. If you’re heading to AWP in Boston, come check out one of my panels and let’s go to some of the fun social events too.

Thursday, 10:30-11:45am

F147. The Business of Writing.
(Liza Monroy, Avi Steinberg, Kathy
Belden, Leslie T. Sharpe)
Room 206, Level 2
Top literary agent Jennifer Lyons brings
together contributors to The Business of Writing
Conversational in tone, and with a
preface by Oscar Hijuelos, the book is aimed
at both novice and published authors who
want to know the specifics. Our panel brings
its pages alive as we explore its topics—
from contract negotiation to staying the course in a
changing industry. We examine the
collaborative process that resulted in this
unique book, compiling advice from diverse
publishing professionals.

Saturday, 3pm-4:15pm

S224. It’s Complicated: Memoir
Writing in the Political Sphere.
(Liza Monroy, Kassi
Underwood, Nick Flynn, Melissa Febos,
Matthew Parker)
Room 206, Level 2
Writers of political memoirs tell personal
stories that intersect with issues of social
consequence: Abortion. Gay marriage.
Torture. How can we avoid accidentally
writing a polemic? Are we trying to solve a
problem by telling our stories? Can we? We
will explore the unique opportunities and
challenges of this sub-genre, focusing on how
writers can take advantage of the tension that
exists when one person’s experience both
illuminates and subverts its larger political

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