I Heart Felicia Sullivan

…whose excellent blog I have been following (it is, uh, a bit more regularly updated than mine, to say the least) and whose memoir, The Sky Isn’t Visible From Here, is a vivid, un-put-down-able account of growing up in Brooklyn with her often drug-addicted mother, their tumultuous relationship, and her survival of some very intense and absorbing situations along the way.

In fact, I’d go as far to say it is my favorite memoir since The Glass Castle. And I read a lot of memoirs. I guess a more appropriate term would be “devour.” Oh, memoir: it’s a form I love, and I refuse to participate those conversations: “are there too many of them out there?” “what gives ordinary people the right?” “why will anyone care?” etc. Whether an ordinary person in an extraordinary situation, or chronicle of somebody’s heroic act, survival story, or straight humor writing, the conclusion I’ve reached is that memoir and novel should live together on the shelves, and hard facts are not the point in a personal story, unless it’s a journalistic hybrid in which statistics are relevant. If it reads like compelling fiction–scene setting, character development, tension, plot, language–then I’m into it.

In the PS section of Felicia’s book I noticed she said her guilty reading pleasures were along the lines of Gossip Girl and rich-teen type things, so I got her a copy of Mexican High, figuring the mother-daughter relationship combined with the teen drama might be up her alley. I never imagined she would love it so much as to create a video-tribute! It made my day. Check it out! I’ve decided Felicia would make an amazing producer, she conveys the story so perfectly. She’s currently adapting Sky for film.

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