Friday afternoon thoughts


(Regretfully, I took no photos last night, so I had to steal, I mean, borrow, this image from Curbed).

I’m getting down to my last New York City events for the hardcover publication of MEXICAN HIGH…This week brought the National Arts Club, an incredible old-New York building on Gramercy Park, and last night, further uptown in a different park, the Word for Word series at Bryant. They have an outdoor reading room, a beautiful and inspiring space for books under a canopy of trees. Sue Shapiro, Alice Feiring, Dana Jennings, Karen Siplin, agent Elizabeth Kaplan and I talked about our books and offered our advice to aspiring authors.

This Tuesday, July 1st, tune in to hear me on The Leonard Lopate Show at 1pm, when I might actually observe mother’s advice of showing my more serious side. This wonderful (and, as I’ve found of late, addictive) conversation show is broadcast online, too.

Then, at seven that evening, I’m reading solo at Barnes & Noble on 82nd and Broadway. And that’s it for New York for now. Next I’m off to Boston and Florida! (Two Jack Kerouac-trod locales…and he spent time in Mexico City, too. I’ve always thought that my life eerily parallels his in terms of place. And his genius musical counterpart, David Amram even came to my book party!)

The highlight of last night was a penthouse party on the Bowery. A friend is moving out of her apartment, so it was a goodbye of sorts to an incredible, airy, luscious, unforgettable space. THIS is why I live in New York, I thought, whilst sipping rose and taking in 360-degree views of the City. I finally introduced myself to Malcolm Gladwell and also got to talk with Nathaniel Rich, author of THE MAYOR’S TONGUE, an inventive debut novel. On the elevator ride back down to street-level reality, I met a girl named Jen who happens to live on my very block in Brooklyn, so we shared a cab to Freddy’s, the local not-really-a-dive dive bar on Dean Street, which I love and hadn’t been to in months. I had to wake Ethan up around 3:30am to spill all the details of the night. And the WSJ says I’ve already done a lifetime of partying (if you click the link, scroll down to view 3rd entry) Ha! I still got it in me.

Happy weekend to all…

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