The Manifestation of Señor Bacon in NYT’s Menagerie column

This week, I have an essay about Señor Bacon the potbelly pig at The New York Times’ Menagerie column, which focuses on animal stories. I’d been reading it for a while and loved all the tales of turtles, rabbits, horses, and dogs – and what each essay revealed about its human author and human/animal companionship in general. I searched through the archive certain I must have missed one about a pig. But there hadn’t been one yet, so Señor Bacon it is!
I’ve also added photos to go with the story to my author page on Facebook - viewable here.
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Special Event! One-Day Writing & Yoga Retreat at Beautiful Land of Medicine Buddha

Saturday, October 4th, 2014
Write your book, finish your screenplay, enhance your poetry, tell your story, get that ‘thing’ done (teacher training manual, dissertation, or whatever you’re feeling stuck on)! Get past saying, “one day” and make that day this day….
I will be leading the writing/workshops portion of a writing and yoga retreat. Open to all writers from aspiring to award-winning. This retreat will be beneficial for experienced writers to the newbie wanting to learn more. New yogis or advanced practitioners are welcome. This will also be great for someone just feeling ‘stuck energy’ in their life and could use the space to do some soul searching, release, and gain renewal and clarity.
More information here and here
Investment: Register by Sept. 15th – $125 (includes all workshops, lunch, access to stunning Land of Medicine Buddha facilities such as hot tub, sauna, and pool) After Sept. 15th the cost will be a sliding scale of $150-$200.
Payment can be made via cash, check, or paypal.
Contact me at liza DOT monroy AT gmail DOT com to register and save your spot – or just click here for a trip to PayPal.

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Cool news.

It’s a good day for optioning things! Here’s my latest news via Publishers Marketplace
November 1, 2012
Film rights
Liza Monroy’s THE PROFILER, a fictional, romantic comedy spin off of a novel-in-progress along a similar storyline as Monroy’s NYT Modern Love column “When Mom Is on the Scent, and Right,” about her mother, a professional profiler, who tries to find the perfect man for Liza via profiling techniques only to have it turned around on her, to Douglas Banker and Alex Garinger of Five All in the Fifth Entertainment, by Michael Cendejas of the Lynn Pleshette Agency in association with Jennifer Lyons of the Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency.
November 1, 2012
Television rights
Liza Monroy’s MEXICAN HIGH, pitched in the vein of Gossip Girl set in an elite upper class international school in Mexico City, starring a teenage American protagonist who gains entree into this exciting, glamorous, and often dangerous world when her US diplomat mother is transferred to the Embassy there, to Charlie Matthau at Matthau Media, by Michael Cendejas at The Lynn Pleshette Agency working with Jennifer Lyons at The Jennifer Lyons Agency.


I’ve hacked the Profiler!

Three months after my mother began searching for viable relationship prospects for me via the blog she started in the aftermath of my latest Modern Love column, the Profiler project is over. In an interesting little role reversal, I’m the Profiler now. Check it out.

latest essay in September issue of SELF magazine

…and up on SELF’s web-edition, too: The Things We Do For Love.
I had a lot of fun thinking about and writing this one, and after a long time of hoping to work with my former personal essay teacher, SELF editor (and a beautiful, insightful writer to boot) Paula Derrow, I finally happened upon a subject and angle that was the right fit. We went through multiple drafts and versions, and it was a great experience. As anyone who’s read Mexican High can probably tell, the younger me wasn’t exactly an athlete–so finding capoeira through somewhat odd circumstances at age thirty was a happy surprise, even if finding out that the guy who introduced me to it had another girlfriend wasn’t. (Yet in the end, was, as, “in truth, I should thank him, because if we hadn’t met, I never would have ended up traveling to Brazil with two capoeira friends … And I would never have dreamed that an art that comes as close as possible to teaching a person to fly would turn out to be the very thing that keeps me grounded.”
PS – Another reason why I’m in heaven this week: I’m at Copalis Beach, WA. I am reading an incredibly long novel, and now – off to hiking and the beach! Seriously contemplating a move to Seattle. At least temporarily, maybe in the spring.

The Profiler Starts a Blog and other news

When Mom Is on the Scent, and Right is my second Modern Love essay. It’s been fun to read the feedback so far, from a reader calling it “very charming, and also somewhat whimsical” (which is kind of exactly what I aspire to be as a person) to my dear ex-boyfriend who appears as the “Boston filmmaker” re-posting it with the same sense of humor and positivity that I always loved about him. (Post is viewable on my Facebook page.) There’s even been some film/tv interest. All exciting stuff. But perhaps my favorite part of all this is that the Profiler herself has started a blog–in search of “the one” for me! A former self would have been embarrassed, but I think it’s adorable that my mother is doing this. Anyway, in this life, you never know what will work when it comes to finding your soul mate…Check out The Profiler Selects and feel free to send anyone her way.

mini-excerpt from Wedding Cake for Breakfast on HuffPo

I wrote an essay adapted from my recently completed memoir for the anthology Wedding Cake for Breakfast, about the challenges and joys of the first year of marriage. Though mine was unconventional, we faced some pretty conventional issues, showing how simply placing the label “married” on a couple (or, “couple”) changes things no matter what the nature of that relationship. You can read the excerpt here.

Wedding Cake for Breakfast and between-projects thoughts

I love the title almost as much as I love the cover! This anthology comes out in May and my essay is excerpted from my forthcoming work, The Marriage Act. It’s exciting to be in the company of such fabulous women writers, and in exactly the kind of book I’d devour in its entirety in a sitting.
Lately I’ve been lamenting not being able to write as much as I’d like to…I guess that’s always the case with writers, though–we want to be writing all the time, but then there’s this whole other big thing called life. And the necessity of supporting oneself with other work.
I was talking with a good, supportive writer friend last night about my quandary, my struggle with time and oh, yeah, not having my next big thing all on deck, planned out, and ready to launch. For years “high school in Mexico City” was the big thing I was bursting to write about, and then “my unusual first marriage as lens to a larger issue.” My teens and my twenties. Now I’m into my thirties and…now what? I’m working on several collaborations and dabbling in a few essay projects, but the Next Novel (or Lengthy Work of Creative Nonfiction) remains elusive. She suggested I use this time for living what I will write about next. That I be honest. That I connect with people–on social networks and by blogging and just putting it out there–something I struggle with as (this will sound odd for a personal essayist/memoir writer) someone who is a private person. Maybe it’s that in memoir and essay we adopt a persona and here, well, this is just me, figuring it out.
I re-watched Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED talk about creativity this afternoon. I’m using it in the creative writing class I’m currently teaching. That I recommend to anyone dealing with the what-now, what-next.

Essay on Salon, plus some reflections

My latest essay, originally entitled “On Coming Out,” appears in the Life section of Salon. Check it out here.

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new essay on HuffPo

My essay Keeping Him With Me: New Moments from an Unconventional First Marriage appears on the Huffington Post as part of Rebecca Walker’s series on Happy Families…They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and genders…