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And next week, Nebraska City

I am going to sorely miss my fiancé, capoeira class, and the new life I’ve started in the lovely beach paradise of Santa Cruz, CA, but I’m very excited to have been awarded a three-week residency by the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts.
I just perused the list of December artists and am looking forward to meeting them, plus diving into another bout of that precious “away” uninterrupted writing time. I’m going to return to the Profiler novel and have some other projects that are getting underway.


“Most [failed writing] that I see, the reason the shit doesn’t work is because there is no play in it. There is nothing in it that we would call the human. There’s no play. There’s too much control. You’ve eliminated the story because instead of listening to what the story is, you put your own wishes and your own dreams on it…There is the story and you’ve kind of got to be open to where the story is going to take you.” –Junot Diaz

Cool news.

It’s a good day for optioning things! Here’s my latest news via Publishers Marketplace
November 1, 2012
Film rights
Liza Monroy’s THE PROFILER, a fictional, romantic comedy spin off of a novel-in-progress along a similar storyline as Monroy’s NYT Modern Love column “When Mom Is on the Scent, and Right,” about her mother, a professional profiler, who tries to find the perfect man for Liza via profiling techniques only to have it turned around on her, to Douglas Banker and Alex Garinger of Five All in the Fifth Entertainment, by Michael Cendejas of the Lynn Pleshette Agency in association with Jennifer Lyons of the Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency.
November 1, 2012
Television rights
Liza Monroy’s MEXICAN HIGH, pitched in the vein of Gossip Girl set in an elite upper class international school in Mexico City, starring a teenage American protagonist who gains entree into this exciting, glamorous, and often dangerous world when her US diplomat mother is transferred to the Embassy there, to Charlie Matthau at Matthau Media, by Michael Cendejas at The Lynn Pleshette Agency working with Jennifer Lyons at The Jennifer Lyons Agency.

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