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Modern Love recap

I love this.

The Profiler Starts a Blog and other news

When Mom Is on the Scent, and Right is my second Modern Love essay. It’s been fun to read the feedback so far, from a reader calling it “very charming, and also somewhat whimsical” (which is kind of exactly what I aspire to be as a person) to my dear ex-boyfriend who appears as the “Boston filmmaker” re-posting it with the same sense of humor and positivity that I always loved about him. (Post is viewable on my Facebook page.) There’s even been some film/tv interest. All exciting stuff. But perhaps my favorite part of all this is that the Profiler herself has started a blog–in search of “the one” for me! A former self would have been embarrassed, but I think it’s adorable that my mother is doing this. Anyway, in this life, you never know what will work when it comes to finding your soul mate…Check out The Profiler Selects and feel free to send anyone her way.

I love writing residencies…

…and recently found out that I have one for the fall! I’m thrilled to have been selected as the first John E. Nance Writer-in-Residency at the Thurber House, the boyhood home of writer James Thurber in Columbus, Ohio. Here is the article in the Columbus Dispatch and the announcement on the Thurber House site.
It’s been five years (!) since my last residency, at the wonderful Kerouac Project in Orlando, so it’s really exciting to have the opportunity again to be inspired by the space, time, support, and special energy that residencies offer to writers. Even extra-exciting to have been chosen as their very first one!

On Quantum Physics and Creative Writing

Sometimes over the course of the years I’ve thought back on my adolescent self’s interest in physics and wondered whether if I weren’t a writer I might have been a physicist. Once in a while I see a certain tarot reader (the physics of psychics?) and she told me, without knowing anything about my prior interest, that I would enjoy reading about quantum physics, even as a layperson. I’ve been reading a book by the photogenic physicists Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw, The Quantum Universe: Everything That Can Happen Does Happen, which I picked up at Schipol Airport on my way back from a recent trip.

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