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Wedding Cake for Breakfast and between-projects thoughts

I love the title almost as much as I love the cover! This anthology comes out in May and my essay is excerpted from my forthcoming work, The Marriage Act. It’s exciting to be in the company of such fabulous women writers, and in exactly the kind of book I’d devour in its entirety in a sitting.
Lately I’ve been lamenting not being able to write as much as I’d like to…I guess that’s always the case with writers, though–we want to be writing all the time, but then there’s this whole other big thing called life. And the necessity of supporting oneself with other work.
I was talking with a good, supportive writer friend last night about my quandary, my struggle with time and oh, yeah, not having my next big thing all on deck, planned out, and ready to launch. For years “high school in Mexico City” was the big thing I was bursting to write about, and then “my unusual first marriage as lens to a larger issue.” My teens and my twenties. Now I’m into my thirties and…now what? I’m working on several collaborations and dabbling in a few essay projects, but the Next Novel (or Lengthy Work of Creative Nonfiction) remains elusive. She suggested I use this time for living what I will write about next. That I be honest. That I connect with people–on social networks and by blogging and just putting it out there–something I struggle with as (this will sound odd for a personal essayist/memoir writer) someone who is a private person. Maybe it’s that in memoir and essay we adopt a persona and here, well, this is just me, figuring it out.
I re-watched Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED talk about creativity this afternoon. I’m using it in the creative writing class I’m currently teaching. That I recommend to anyone dealing with the what-now, what-next.

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