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new essay on HuffPo

My essay Keeping Him With Me: New Moments from an Unconventional First Marriage appears on the Huffington Post as part of Rebecca Walker’s series on Happy Families…They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and genders…

Text of Poets & Writers Lethem profile

Just found out that my profile of Jonathan Lethem will be anthologized in a collection entitled Conversations With Jonathan Lethem coming Fall 2011 from the University Press of Mississippi. I just got permission to post the text of the article here; hope you enjoy!

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Case Studies

Earlier today I was thinking about how resistant I am to blogging, especially about personal things, and why that is. I have no issue revealing pretty much anything in essays that end up seeing print. When I first started a website, I assumed I’d keep it as professional as a resume, and then a friend gave me the constructive note that “it would be great to get inside your head more,” which came back to my mind today as I was sitting in class. Dr. Oliver Sacks is the professor of this four-week course, and that alone is mind-blowing to me, to be able to sit in a room and listen to him. His class is called “The Case Study” – the reading list consists of books I’d probably never pick up on my own and am so glad I’m being prompted to read, books with titles like The Man With a Shattered World: The History of a Brain Wound and A Journey Round My Skull.
Maybe my blogging should be more of a journey around my own skull, even if no one reads it.

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The Faster Times review of David Goodwillie’s American Subversive

I’ve been a fan of David Goodwillie’s writing since his first book, the memoir Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time, which is set in 1990s New York. The memoir covers the author’s years as a minor-league baseball player, private eye, and Sotheby’s auction house expert, all part of his journey to become a writer. When he finally gets a break, he ends up being chased by the Mafia for publishing an article about them. It also offers a broader look into NYC in a bygone gilded age. So when I heard DG was coming out with a novel I was excited. It’s published in April and it covers some very different (as well as similar) terrain as the memoir, and it’s incredibly imaginative. I reviewed American Subversive for The Faster Times.

cool blog alert

I love this recently stumbled-upon blog called Drew Haciendo Trabajo by a U.S. Midwesterner who lives in Mexico City. He posts a photograph a day, some of which are stunning. (re-posting my personal favorite.) They all capture a slice of el D.F., where unusual sights are endless. He also wrote about Mexican High, so thanks, Drew!