Monthly Archives: July 2009

Pair Bonding

I’m heading off to Maine for an assignment — I will post the article here when it comes out in October or November. Won’t give anything away now other than…let’s just say I’m very excited about this one.

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After Sherene told me that Amma was going to be in town, holding all-nighter Darshan at the Manhattan Center, I was intrigued. Now I’m embarrassed to admit I knew next to nothing about the hugging saint who drew a stunning amount of New Yorkers and travelers to her programs. There was quite a line during the day so I took a number and went downstairs for the delicious vegetarian Indian food, and about an hour later, took off.

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Curious Villager

Writer Tracy Lopez reviewed Mexican High on her lit blog Curious Villager this week. Gracias, Tracy!

Check out the 2nd Draft Reading Series, July 9th on the Lower East Side

If you’re in the New York area, come check out some saw-it-here-first works-in-progress at the Roots & Vines Cafe (details on 2nd-draft_5_b1).